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A Signature Experiential East-Meets-West Retreats

AWE’ASIS is Ivana’s signature experiential east-meets-west retreat, designed to take you on a personal life-changing journey to help you enhance your awareness, connect to your mind-body-heart-spirit-soul. You will experience being in the flow and walk the first steps to new levels of joy, self-care, emotional freedom, well-being and conscious living.

The approach is collaborative, holistic and tailored to each individual working on all levels: mind, body, emotions, and spirit through bodywork, meditation, rapid transformational therapy, hypnosis, past life regression, energy and water healing. Each year the Awe’asis programme evolves. This programme is roughly equivalent to three months of weekly sessions.

Living an Authentic Life Awe’asis (21st – 24th September, Mallorca, Spain)

Throughout our lifetime and on a daily-basis, each one of us is bombarded with a clutter of messages telling us how to lead our life, what will make us happy, what it takes to be successful, what we should act and be like. Most of us live our whole life trying to abide by these set roles and never stop to look deeper into our true self and calling.

Join us for this year’s 4-day AWE’ASIS to discover a new level of authentic living. This transformative programme will guide you to understand better yourself, let go of any identities shaped by a society and/or environment, gain emotional freedom and clarity what your unique gifts are.

Awe’asis will be held in a luxurious sanctuary with scents of the earth, sea and sun stimulating all your senses. Your body will be nurtured with locally sourced, organic food to support your well-being. It is a perfect, restorative environment to support your transformational journey.

Considering its bespoke nature, Ivana will have a conversation with each participant to get a better understanding what each person is looking to explore and achieve and to ensure your personal needs are met.

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