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Hi, my name is Ivana Sretenovic

…and I am passionate about helping and empowering ambitious executives to find their inner balance and thrive both spiritually and financially by launching and growing extraordinary businesses they desire.

After spending almost thirteen years as an MBA Executive in multi-national blue chip organisations specialising in strategic transformation, sales and marketing, and launching new businesses in new global locations, I left to start my own business. Now, I am a Transformational Business Consultant and Coach for highly ambitious, motivated executives desiring to thrive both spiritually and financially by launching and growing businesses they love to do.


High flying Corporate MBA Executive hitting the bottom…

Until autumn 2013, I was working for FTSE 100 company and I was part of the executive team, traveling almost every week across Europe, staying in top hotels and, in addition, climbing the corporate ladder steadily. Basically I was living the life many would find desirable.

However, I was unhappy knowing deep inside me that my purpose was calling for me to do something different. Since I was a teenager, I have always had a big vision of being my own boss, running my own business, serving and employing others but I never had enough courage to do it… I was scared to fail since I had to be perfect and I was worried what others would say about me.

Also, I was confused what idea to pursue first, how to get started and how to replace my corporate salary to be able to cover all the bills and continue to travel and maintain my lifestyle. On the top of that, I had no partner at the time to rely on.

I procrastinated for almost two years on my desire to leave the corporate job, feeling more overworked, unhappy and tired while the inner vision was getting stronger. Eventually, I had my wake up call when I got so physically ill that I was bedridden for almost a month.


A single decision forever changed my life.

During that period of being ill, I started meditating daily and connecting with my inner self. This is the time when the shift happened and when I started my transformational journey. I made a decision that never again would I sacrifice my health for the corporate world. I made a decision to start putting myself and my body first, despite all my fears. I decided that I was going to find the way to replace my corporate salary and start my own business.


From unhappy Corporate Executive to transformational leadership as Transformational Business Consultant and Coach…

As a result of that decision I got the support I needed to set up my own business and within six months I had successfully left the corporate job.

I packaged my expertise and, initially, I got hired as a private consultant on a part-time basis earning more from day one of running my own business than in a corporate job. Since then I have been on an accelerated personal development journey. My business growth has been a reflection of my personal growth. As I started to incorporate my spiritual principles into my business, transforming my mindset and beliefs as the foundation determining the success, my business started to take off. This enabled me to focus also on designing and launching my coaching practice and now I help and empower ambitious executives who desire to thrive both spiritually and financially by launching and growing conscious businesses they love to do. I am here to serve and share my learning and leverage spiritual principles for you to achieve greater success in life and business.


My unique consulting and coaching approach

Your Objective My Expertise
Strategy Level Determine the business strategy and execution plan. MBA, Experienced Sales & Marketing Professional: I have 15 years of growing internationally global businesses
Mindset Level Understand your core beliefs, behaviours & values and how they impact you and your business success. Psychologists, Certified Executive Coach, Spiritual Counsellor and Transformational Hypnotherapist: I have a training in many coaching styles recognised by ICF, EMCC and ILM, Marisa Peer Method Hypnotherapy recognised by CPD Standards Office and Spiritual Counselling through the Complementary Medicine Association.
Spiritual Level Discover and stay aligned with your unique purpose Certified Spiritual Counsellor and Intuitive: I have been trained and developing my intuition for the last two years in the School of Intuition and Healing, London, UK.


Here are my top core values.

Freedom – I thrive in stylish environments promoting creativity and inspiration. This explains why I love what I do today enabling me to work from anywhere.
Adventure – I love travel, learning about new cultures, meeting new culturally diverse people and discovering new experiences.
Connection – I am fascinated with human nature, our power and cultural elements that shape us. I enjoy conversation that allows me to deeply connect and understand who you are.
Transformation – I love learning, developing new skills and continuously re-programming my limiting beliefs and mindset that is both freeing and accelerating my personal and professional growth.

If you find yourself in a similar position I was in, when you know there is a bigger call for you and there is a deeper desire to feel personal and professional fulfillment and in the same time you are ready to take the next steps of your transformational journey to enable your business growth, then I’d love to connect and hear more about your story and see how I can help.

I encourage you to TAKE action NOW!

and remember:

You are the Creator and YOU have the Power to Create the Business and the Life you Desire!