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Transformational Business Consulting

Ivana S provides holistic consulting services supporting organisations of all sizes and industries to deliver transformation and sustainable growth strategy and change capability internationally. What makes me unique is my ability to fuse business excellence and spirituality aiming to find a balancing solution between organisational growth aspirations and personal employee fulfillment.

Throughout my career, I have created and executed business growth and B2B/B2C marketing strategies as well as revenue generation and profit-building programmes with top executives, commercial leaders, vendors and other key decision-makers to deliver sales and expand the markets of FTSE 100 organisations operating in fast moving, dynamic, and competitive sectors.

I am passionate about organisational and personal transformation and growth. I proactively transform sales and marketing functions into commercially driven, collaborative operations that improve customer acquisition rates, deepen customer relationships, and create an exceptional customer experience across all channels. I empower and inspire multinational team leaders to affect extraordinary impact in competitive markets. I support, challenge, facilitate, and unleash creative genius by creating a safe space to ask powerful questions, explore unfamiliar situations, and incite learning, mindset shift, and growth to deliver exceptional performance. Employees’ mindset and beliefs are the subconscious blueprint that determine teams’ and organisational success.

My Unique Approach

Your Objective My Expertise
Strategy Level Determine the business strategy and execution plan. MBA, Experienced Sales & Marketing Professional: I have 15 years of growing internationally global businesses
Mindset Level Understand your core beliefs, behaviours & values and how they impact you and your business success. Psychologists, Certified Executive Coach, Spiritual Counsellor and Transformational Hypnotherapist: I have a training in many coaching styles recognised by ICF, EMCC and ILM, Marisa Peer Method Hypnotherapy recognised by CPD Standards Office and Spiritual Counselling through the Complementary Medical Association.
Spiritual Level Discover and stay aligned with your unique purpose Certified Spiritual Counsellor and Intuitive: I have been trained and developing my intuition for the last two years in the School of Intuition and Healing, London, UK.

My Top Core Values

  • Freedom – I thrive in stylish environments promoting creativity and inspiration. This explains why I love what I do today enabling me to work from anywhere.
  • Adventure – I love travel, learning about new cultures, meeting new culturally diverse people and discovering new experiences.
  • Connection – I am fascinated by humans, our power and cultural elements that shape us. I enjoy conversation that allows me to deeply connect and understand who you are.
  • Transformation – I love learning, developing new skills and continuously re-programming my limiting beliefs and mindset that is both freeing and accelerating my personal and professional growth.

My process is simple:
Design to Transform > Implement to Succeed > Measure to Delight the Client

  • Design to Transform

    With my hands-on approach, I ask challenging questions to understand company’s strategic direction and choices, and how these are translated into actionable and inspiring operational plans and what obstacles hold your company back in achieving aspirational business growth.

    With your support, I design growth plans and concepts ensuring that your organisational culture, core beliefs, context, external environment, and long-term perspectives are considered. A newly developed growth solutions and supporting plans include as well any practices required to bring out your team’s positive behaviours and mindsets.

  • Implement to Succeed

    I partner with you to put a newly designed growth options into practice at all levels of your organisation. I help your team overcome fears about collaborating and becoming more effective Managers and Leaders.

  •  Measure to Delight the Client

    I keep my promise and delight your organisation exceeding agreed deliverables.

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